MC-21, Inc. was founded in 1994 with the goal of reducing the cost of metal matrix composite (MMC) material production. In MC-21's stir-casting approach, the desired aluminum alloy is melted, and carefully sized ceramic particles are stirred in creating good wetting and a very strong bond between the ceramic particles and aluminum matrix.  A broad range of MMCs containing a variety of types and volume fractions of ceramic particulate and of aluminum alloys can be formed using standard metal-working techniques, such as rolling and casting.

Dr David Schuster, President

            Dr Mike Skibo, VP Technology

Denise Dewey, Director of Administration

5100 Convair Dr Carson City NV 89706
MC-21 Headquarters & MMC Casting Center
Convair Dr
Carson City
MC-21 MMC Rolling Facility
Sigstrom Dr
Carson City